Animal Charities

We are proud to support local and state-wide charities that provide invaluable services for animals in need. We are actively involved in fundraisers throughout the year to help keep the good work of these charities going.

It is a sad fact that thousands of animals are left without a home every year and without the tireless efforts of animal charities they would be left without food, shelter or much needed medical treatment.

Here are the charities we support and we encourage you to as well!

Ovens Valley Wildlife Shelter

We proudly support the Ovens Valley Wildlife Shelter, who work with injured and orphaned wildlife who are in need of a helping hand.

Ovens Valley Wildlife Shelter

Ph: 5751 1417

Mb: 0402 376 069


Pet Medical Crisis Fund

A recent case at the clinic has reaffirmed how crucial the work of organisations such as  Pet Medical Crisis Fund (PMCF) really are.

Relying solely on donations, PMCF was established in order to assist pensioners and disadvantaged pet owners who would otherwise not be able to afford crucial surgery/treatment for their pets. 

We were so impressed after our recent experience with PMCF, we truly could not support their mission enough. 

For more information or to Donate please head to their website:

*Donations are tax deductable and can be made monthly.

More information

Please contact us at Ovens & Kiewa Veterinary Hospital if you'd like any more information.

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