Kennels & Pet Boarding for the Alpine Shire Pet Community

Animal boarding facilities provide a home away from home for our pets while we are away. Pet sitters provide an in-home care option for pets who may not cope with being away from their environment.

Boarding Kennels

It is always a good idea to visit a boarding kennels before-hand. The services offered by different boarding facilities vary. If your pet requires a particular service such as having medication administered, please check with the kennel or cattery before booking to make sure they can fulfil your pet’s requirements.

Pet Sitters

Pet sitters will come to your home before-hand to meet your pet and to understand their routine and any medication requirements. Pet sitters will come and feed your pet, walk your pet and spend some time playing and cuddling them, so they don't get lonely. You may also want to consider a housesitter, who would stay permanently at your home while you are away.

Vaccinate before you go!

All boarding kennels and catteries will require your pet to be up-to-date with its vaccinations before coming to stay. This is essential to prevent the spread of disease between pets. It takes up to 2 weeks for your pet to develop immunity after their vaccination, so plan in advance and book your pet’s vaccination early. Dogs will require a C5 vaccination, which includes protection against kennel cough, while cats will need a F3 vaccination to prevent the spread of cat flu.

More information

Please contact us at Ovens & Kiewa Veterinary Hospital if you'd like any more information.

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